Dish of the Month – Bresse Piegon (November)

Flying High with the Finest Poultry

When it comes to exceptional poultry, the famed region of Bresse in eastern France flies high above its competition.

Exclusively in November, we’re bringing you a sublime pigeon courtesy of MIERAL, farmers of the best Bresse poultry and keepers of time-honoured practices since 1919. These young pigeons are raised free-range on Bresse soils and harvested at the exact right time to guarantee the ideal balance between size and age.

The result is immensely tender, succulent and flavourful pigeons that represents a lineage of pure quality and legendary provenance.

Oven Roasted French Bresse Pigeon
Braised Red Cabbage, Herb Gnocchi & Plum Jus
HK$528 + 10% service charge

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