Dish of the Month – Dingley Dell Pork (August)

A Different Kind of “T-Time”

When it comes to cuts of steak, we always consider exceptional marbling. But should the finest cuts of pork be any different? The good people at Dingley Dell Farm certainly don’t think so, and they know everything there is to know about pork.

Raised on the eastern shores of Suffolk, Dingley Dell’s red Duroc pigs are born, reared and perfected outdoors all year round, with a unique breeding programme designed for higher marbling.

Served exclusively at Wooloomooloo Prime in August, we’ve sourced a juicy and succulent t-bone cut that bursts with concentrated flavour, impeccable marbling and the pride of British farming at its finest.

Grilled UK Dingley Dell Pork T-Bone (300 grams)
Red Cabbage & Blueberry Compote, Grilled Lettuce & Sauce Cancalaise
HK$420 + 10% service charge

Click here for details.

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