Dish of the Month – Hadong 1++ Hanwoo (May)

K-Top: Experience Korea’s Finest Grade of Beef

When it comes to culinary pride, Korea is very serious about quality. This is why we’ve sourced a top-grade cut of Hanwoo sirloin, sourced from a breed of indigenous cattle that is only raised in Korea. The Hanwoo sirloin is a highly tender cut of beef, perfectly balanced in ratio between fat and meat, with evenly distributed marbling. Only available in May, enjoy this special cut we’ve prepared for you.


Grilled Hadong Korean 1++ Hanwoo Sirloin (170 grams)
Smoked Beet Purée, Parsley Emulsion, Korean Soy Sauce & Citron Braised Endive, Shallot Ring Fritters & Forest Mushrooms Ravioli
HK$620 + 10% service charge


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