Dish of the Month – Mottainai Lamb (September)

“Finally, There is Enough Lamb on My Plate”

The only issue for lamb lovers is that there isn’t enough of it. Luckily, we’ve got help from some of the greatest lamb experts around.

Hailing from Western Australia, the Mottainai Lamb is a glorious delight, featuring three succulent cuts on a single plate. Mottainai lamb is raised stress-free with incredible standards, including a unique feed designed by nutritionists with olive oil and fresh carrots, produced weekly by Sumich’s West Hills Farm. This ensures consistently measurable, top-notch feeding each day, which translates to a succulent, immensely tender and beautifully flavourful world-class cut.

Australian Mottainai Lamb Three Ways
Grilled Rack, Pan Seared Rib & Braised Shoulder served with Carrot Terrine, Red Capsicum Purée, Mint & Shallot Purée & Liquorice Jus
HK$450 + 10% service charge

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