Dish of the Month – Rubia Gallega (June)

Rojo on the Inside

Spain is a culinary wonderland bursting with local pride from region to region. Beef is serious business throughout the country, and when it comes to Galicia in northwest Spain, the Rubia Gallega cattle breed is the undisputed king.These cows are grass-fed until a cereal-rich diet is introduced towards the end of their rearing, providing a beautifully balanced introduction of fat.

Only in June, we offer a 90-day dry aged sirloin that provides a spectacular crescendo of flavour, succulent texture and irresistible aroma.

Grilled Spanish 90-Day Dry Aged Rubia Gallega Sirloin (170 grams)
Roasted Root Vegetables, Piquillo Purée, Padrón Pepper & Blue Cheese Bonbon
HK$485 + 10% service charge

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