Good Things Come in THREES

Plan ahead a series of hot and sizzling feasts when you step into the winter season! From October 1 till December 31, 2018, members of Wooloomooloo Group’s Loyalty Program can enjoy up to 3x bonus points by dining at our restaurants for a consecutive of 3 months.


October 2018 is where your rewards journey begins. Members must make eligible transaction in both Phase 1 and Phase 2 in order to enjoy 3x bonus points. Click here for details.


3x Bonus Points Example

Phase 1 -> A relaxing Sunday brunch -> Spent HK$800 -> Earned 80 basic points -> Total 160 bonus points earned (2x)

Phase 2 -> Happy hour drinks -> Spent HK$450 -> Earned 45 basic points -> Total 112 bonus points earned (2.5x)

Phase 3 -> A Christmas feast -> Spent HK$1,800 -> Earned 180 basic points -> Total 540 bonus points earned (3x)

< Total Bonus Points Earned 812 = One HK$500 Dining Voucher > 


If you are not yet a member, enroll now and  dine to enjoy fabulous rewards now!

Terms and conditions apply.

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