Organic Dry Aged Beef

The Aberdeen Angus Cattle go through a unique dry aging process in a perfect environment that has been specially designed with a pink Himalayan salt wall.

“The beef from Rhug ticks all the boxes, produced sustainably, grass fed, 50% higher in Omega 3, healthy, lower in fat, wonderful flavor and produced in the pollution free environment of beautiful North Wales.” – Lord Newborough, owner of Rhug Estate.

Exclusively for Wooloomooloo Prime, the below two cuts are dry aged for 45 days while Rhug Estates’ normal aging standard is only 35 days. The longer aging process takes these richly marbled steak to another level and are just available in June.

Rib Eye – 12oz $510 / 16oz $680
Sirloin – 12oz $490 / 16oz $655

*Prices are subject to 10% s.c.

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